The Monkeys-NBC Sales Memo

The Monkees-NBC Sales Sheet Cover

The Mokees-NBC Sales Sheet Page 1

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The Monkees-NBC Sales Sheet Back


Great song and KILLER style.

In a time when deleted scenes truly ended up on the cutting room floor, television networks didn’t have the option to messenger out DVD’s to advertising agencies.  Booklets were sent out in lieu of screening order to build excitement about new shows and convince advertisers to purchase commercial time.  A colleague of mine was in possession of the Star Trek Booklet from season 1, and I had the opportunity to scan the contents.  See below. Stay tuned for more….

Star Trek Season 1 Sell Sheet Front CoverStar Trek Season 1 Sell Sheet Intro PageStar Trek Season 1 Sell Sheet Intro Pages 4 & 5Star Trek Season 1 Sell Sheet pages 6 & 7Star Trek Season 1 Sell Sheet pages 8 & 9Star Trek Season 1 Sell Sheet Back

Available at:
Bergdorf Goodman
Fred Segal
Saks Fifth Avenue
United Arrows

David Hart & Co.

The creative team at Fred Segal Finery in Santa Monica really outdid themselves with our display of ties for Spring 2011. It looks AMAZING and I’m obsessed with the phrenology heads! Thanks so much guys!

How to Wear a Tuxedo

March 29, 2011

Some of my favorite looks for black tie dressing.

Patrick McGoohan - Double breasted Ivory dinner jacket - Danger Man - Early 1960's

Marlene Dietrich - White tie and tails

Humphrey Bogart - Great shawl collar on the white dinner jacket

Rod Serling - Winning his fourth Emmy Award - Awesome bowtie!

Rod Serling #2 - Here at the 1959 Emmy's with his wife Carol. - I love the narrow shawl collar

Josephine Baker - White tie and tails

Nat King Cole - Great white dinner jacket with mohair trousers

Walter Cronkite - Shawl collar and cummerbund. Love the ivory pocket square