Roger Moore as the Saint with his P1800


Assignment Costa Rica

April 16, 2011

White Face Capuchin Monkey - He tried to steal my Rod Keenan hat!

Snow Cone Man at the beach

Souvenir Man at the beach


Great cocktail! 2 parts Guaro, 1 part lime juice, muddled limes and raw sugar

Toucan outside my room

Masked Tree Frog

Passion Bug

Boruca Mask


Hermit Crab on the beach



Thunderstorm approaching on the road to Quepos

Capriana by the pool bar in a Rod Keenan hat!

Great view from my patio of Manuel Antonio

Boruca Mask I picked up in Costa Rica

I just got back from Costa Rica. Before I left for my trip, I had planned on picking up some Boruca masks. These amazing masks are made by the Indigenous Boruca Tribe. I stayed in Manuel Antonio.

Boruca Mask for sale on the beach in Manuel Antonio

Another Boruca Mask for sale on the beach in Manuel Antonio

The masks also come in natural un-painted balsa wood

Boruca Mask in Quepos

More Boruca Masks in Quepos

Another Boruca Mask in Quepos

Another in Quepos

Another great one in Quepos

Two great ones in Manuel Antonio

Love this one

3 small Boruca masks in Manuel Antonio

small Boruca masks in Manuel Antonio

The Agent in Costa Rica

April 14, 2011


Though I live
on the eighteenth floor
mosquitoes still find me

Though we sleep
side by side
the mosquito loves only me

Run very hot water
on your mosquito bites
and don’t scratch them

Welcome mosquitoes!
We serve only one cocktail here-
thick nourishing blood

The faintest hum-
a mosquito hovering
in the dark around my ear

The mosquito welt
on my ear
glows red hot

In the morning- thuggish
mosquitoes cling to the bathroom tile
full of blood, out of breath

Created by Thomas Miller on April 1, 2011