Buster Keaton – 1940’s

February 20, 2012


3 Responses to “Buster Keaton – 1940’s”

  1. Chuck said

    My hero! (Well, one of them anyway)

  2. Anthea D. Redmond said

    It’s 1940s not 1940’s. There are no apostrophes in plurals. Write it out in full ~ Nineteen Forties ~ where’s the apostrophe? That’s right, there isn’t one. The apostrophe you have in 1940’s would signify something belonging to 1940, as the apostrophe indicates the possessive = Sally’s cat, and so forth. Such a regular error that is vastly becoming commonplace, but totally grammatically incorrect. You have a page against the world: completely fabulous in every way, I LOVE it, so please don’t spoil it, and try to forgive me ~ I’m only trying to help. xxx

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