Cartoons by Charles Addams

February 15, 2010

Charles Adams with his wife Barbara (1955)

Charles Addams was an American cartoonist (1912 – 1988). His work was featured in the New Yorker. I’m a big fan of his work including The Addams Family, which is being turned into a Broadway musical.

Charles Addams on location sketching (1946)

Charles Addams sketching a model posing as Morticia Addams for "The Addams Family cartoon" (1946)

Charles Addams sketching a model posing as Morticia Addams for "The Addams Family" cartoon (1946)

Model posing as Morticia Addams (1946)

Addams sketching on location for "The Addams Family" (1946)

The Addams Family:


23 Responses to “Cartoons by Charles Addams”

  1. Sarah Ladd said

    Great site. Am writing a memoir about the buildings that shaped my life and found your post about fallout shelters. My parents built one in our Raleigh, NC back yard during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Thanks for great images of shelters and of that era.

  2. Nice site site you have here, I love the design, Naruto is my favorite anime btw 🙂

  3. Hey, Found your blog on Yahoo, glad I did, great site!! Keep it up! =)

  4. Love this post ~ Charles Addams is a legend!

  5. Michael lee Sloan said

    I grew up on this. To see art that was total why before time stand for over 100 and still pops up in art…..amazing.Thank you some much for my childhood rock with art.

  6. […] Quelle: theinvisibleagent (schöner Artikel mit vielen Bildern) […]

  7. great site ….enjoyed the cartoons….thanks

  8. Steve James said

    Found Chas through Google Doodles, I live in U.K. and The New Yorker doesn`t find it`s way to the local news stand very often, in fact never seen it. I`m amazed at how much of his design followed through to both original and more recent re-creations of his art.

  9. Oh, I love this. Happy Birthday, Charles Adams, for the many years of smiles.

  10. desenhos de alto padrão

  11. CICCERO KLIMA said

    Very nice, when I litlle boy was afraid this Family Addam’s..

  12. Please add my favorite cartoon — Santa standing before a judge who is reading the trespassing charges.

  13. The first of a long line of the Addams family in Goth when they didn’t know what Goth was!!

  14. marta said

    isso ta muito lindo! Impecavel. nao fora o cigarro ;dirse ia :velhos tempos que nao voltam nunca mais

  15. Ed said

    Loved the colection! The “Barber Shop” was one of my favorites for over 30 years, and I still get a laught; and there’s not even a comment!


  16. Ruthie Kilpatrick said

    Ruthie Kilpatrick says:
    Santa often left an Addams book under our Christmas tree…. wowsa….a great and wonderful contrast to Charles Shultz and Escher and Norman Rockwell……Thank you….Happy 100th, Chas…the photo of you and your wife….well.. tis so similar to your subjects…! ( if you squint and give them a sideways glance, do they not in real life resemble his main characters ???? ) lol !

  17. willie said

    hey, i grew up with the adam’s family i throught they were a weird group of people it remind you of the real trick or treat dress wear. congraduation! you finally got notice in the 21centry.

  18. Jessie said

    Thanks so much for your blog.

    As with earlier poster, this is from my childhood. We moved often and the first section of each library I’d hit was humor. Bless the elementary school librarian that stocked Addams. Once I found his books, I had to check out every thing I could find by Charles Addams. Watched the show religiously and even named many pets after Addams Family members.

    R.I.P Chas.

  19. Mike said

    Just FYI, the model posing as Morticia is Charlie’s wife, Barbara.

    • Bob said

      Unless he was married more than one, his wife was named Tee. And comparing pictures, I don’t think that “Morticia” model is her.

  20. peggy thomson said

    I have been looking all over for a copy of the print of the skier with tracks around the tree. Do you know of a source for that print. Thanks.

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