My New Toy – 1973 Norton 850 Commando Interstate

July 7, 2009

Hopefully I’ll get this girl shipped out to New York soon. She’s AMAZING and will be fun to ride after a little TLC!

Picture 947

Picture 919

Picture 940

Picture 921

Picture 923

Picture 925

Picture 927

Picture 928

Picture 924

The Interstate tank is sweet!

The Interstate tank is sweet!

Made in England!

Made in England!

Picture 962


7 Responses to “My New Toy – 1973 Norton 850 Commando Interstate”

  1. MrRay said

    I must say that I am a jealous fan. You are a lucky sun of a gun. But I must say you do not plan to ride it back east?


  2. Dan Baker said

    I bought a 1973 850 Interstate Commando new when I was in the U.S. Navy. I paid $1800.00 for it! It was blue and engine # was 304288. I later had twin carbs removed and a single 34mm. Mccuni [sp] carb installed by a San Diego motorcycle mechanic by the name of Sonny Angel of National City Ca. He also polished and ported the heads. It provided a great increase in power. Good riding..Dan

    • Hey Dan,

      awesome! $1800 is a deal. I’m looking forward to getting out on her the next time I’m out in LA around the holidays. The interstate tanks are getting harder and harder to find. This bike was a gift from my father in law.


  3. Fred Watz said

    Dan Baker: I think your Interstate is still at Sonny Angel’s.I was at Sonny’s this weekend and there’s a blue 850 Interstate there Sonny’s brother said has been there 28 years saying the owner left it for repairs but never picked it up.

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