Moana Surfrider Hoetel Waikiki

Opened in 1901 the Moana Surfrider Hoetel has been a Waikiki landmark for over 100 years. C. 1940

Moana Surfrider c. 1929?

Moana Surfrider c. 1929

Moana Piere

Moana Pier

Patio Area and Banyan Tree

Patio Area and Banyan Tree

Surfers Outfront of Moana Hotel

Surfers in front of Moana Hotel

Broadcast of Hawaii Calls radio Show

Broadcast of "Hawaii Calls" radio Show recorded at the Hotel Courtyard

Sailors on leave Moana Hotel Back Right

Sailors on leave hanging out on Waikiki beach. Moana Hotel Back Right

Moana Surf Rider Present

Moana Surfrider Present Day Currently the Westin Moana Surfrider and still Gorgeous!