My new collection for Spring 2010 is currently on display in the windows at Bergdorf Goodman Men’s. The ties and windows look amazing!

Selection of bowties for Spring 2010:

Selection of Four-in-Hand ties:


I tried to do this as a marketing initiative for David Hart & Co. for Fall, but I couldn’t find a matchbook company that could do it for us. Gone are the days of great American made products like this 21 Feature Matchbook by the Lion Match Co. circa 1940’s



The new collection of David Hart & Co. is now available on Bergdorf Goodman’s website.

Spaceman Tie with Sputnik & Astronaut

Spaceman Tie with Sputnik & Astronaut

Detail of Spaceman tie

Detail of Spaceman tie

Bourbon Tie

Bourbon Tie

Male Chauvinist Pig Tie

Male Chauvinist Pig Tie

Detail of Male Chauvinist Pig Tie

Detail of Male Chauvinist Pig Tie

Horn Rim Glasses Tie

Horn Rim Glasses Tie

Skull Tie

Skull Tie

Detail of Skull Tie

Detail of Skull Tie

Vintage Television Tie

Vintage Television Tie

Boxers Tie

Boxers Tie

Attention All Operatives: Your help is needed to assist the Invisible Agent in infiltrating the set of television’s Mad Men. Currently posing as a contestant in the Mad Men Casting Call Contest under the alias “Mr. Hart” the Invisible Agent needs your 5 star vote to ensure his placement in the semifinals. Please review the below link ASAP:


Remember you may vote at least once each day, all efforts on your part are sincerely appreciated by this Office and the Invisible Agent.

I found these great images of smokers from the 1940’s – 1960’s in the LIFE archive. We all know about the health issues associated with smoking, but these images make smoking look really cool!
















At Keens Steakhouse

Smoking tie from my Fall 2009 collection.  Made by hand in New York City.

Smoking tie from my Fall 2009 collection. Made by hand in New York City.

Tie – pography!

May 6, 2009

Tie-pography by David Hart using ties from our Fall 2009 collection and Spring 2009

Tie-pography by David Hart inspired by Ed National using David Hart & Co. ties from our Fall 2009 and Spring 2009 collections

My buddy Julian Hector sent me a link to Ed Nacional’s “Tie-pography” which has been getting a lot of buzz lately in the graphic design field.   I think that this is really neat.  Check it out below:


The more I looked at this, I remembered seeing it somewhere before. I finally remembered that Botany Brand used a similar technique in their old ads.  I started going through my reference library of magazines from the 1940’s and 1950’s and found some examples.   I scanned some of them in below:





For any of the David Hart & Co. ties pictured in the still life above, please visit Bergdorf Goodman or our website.  The new Fall styles will be available in late August.

Attention Operatives and Superiors:

The Invisible Agent was spotted in Paris at the Hotel Meurice.   All Operatives must reallocate to this agenda immediately.

Image captured by Operative #794 at 21:37

Image captured by Operative #794 at 21:37

8mm Paris – 1956:

-The Office of the Director

The fine folks over at Eames have put together this amazing 1 minute video of the various knots of Mr. Charles Eames’ bow ties.  The film ends with a rare view of the original design sketch of the Charles Eames bow tie as designed by Mrs. Ray Eames.  All of Mr. Eames’ bow ties were hand made in New York City.  We make a similar shaped bow tie at David Hart & Co. with pointed ends.

How to Design a Tie

February 19, 2009

Now that my neckwear collection has officially hit the floor at Bergdorf Goodman, several people have asked me about my design process.  I hope the below images and explanation of my Doctor T.J. Eckleburg tie from my Spring 2009 collection will help!

book-gatsby_1925_jacketThe inspiration for this tie began with Doctor T.J. Eckleburg’s all seeing eyes.  The sign from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” was the start!  The book which was written in the 1920’s mentioned the dilapidated sign which was most likely a trade sign that had been left over from the Victorian Era.  I began to research Victorian optometrist signs.  Here is what I found:


I also liked the idea of having a chain on the glasses. They would have properly been worn in the Victorian Era with a chain pinned to the lapel of your jacket.  I began to research old cabinet cards to find an example.

pincenezcabinetcardNext, I created a CAD in Adobe Illustrator making sure that the chain wrapped around to the back of the tie as though it was pinned on.  I handed the CAD off to my weaving mill in England:

7Next, my mill came back to me with a first submit for comments:


Comments are made and the corrections are made to the pattern through weaving.  Here is the second submit:


I still thought that this was missing a pop of color, so we added blue to the center of the eye.  At this point, I began working with my factory to develop a marker to get minimum wastage when cutting this pattern.  As you can see on the sample yardage below, we had to work on the placement of the motif because they were too close together.


Once the yardage is woven perfectly it is cut, folded, and sewn by hand in our union shop in New York City.

David Hart & Co. ties being made by hand in our union shop in New York City

David Hart & Co. ties being made by hand in our union shop in New York City

Here is the finished product ready to ship!:


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David Hart & Co. Ties Available at Bergdorf Goodman

After the long wait, David Hart & Co. ties and bowties are finally available at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City!  They are on the Designer Collections third floor and they look amazing!  That’s my briefcase in the picture, I should have moved it.