Bell Solar Panel Technology of the 1950’s

May 11, 2011

Bell Solar Battery 1954

Lucent Technologies inc./Bell Labs--Bell Labs released this panel in 1954. Time Magazine reported it produced up to 50 Watts per square meter.

Bell Solar Panel Advertisement

Bell Solar Panel Advertisement

Bell Labs Commercial Solar Panel 1955

Lucent Technologies inc./Bell Labs

Bell Solar Panel Advertisement

Additional Bell Solar Panel Advertisement

Bell Labratory Scientists

Gordon Pearson, Calvin Fuller and Darryl Chapin in Bell Labs credited with developing the first useful solar cell

3 Responses to “Bell Solar Panel Technology of the 1950’s”

  1. Wow, never knew this, thanks for sharing some of this great solar history!

  2. adburg said

    Yeah it is amazing how long this technology had been around, and prior to recent history, how slowly it progressed compared to other technologies! Enjoyed the Cool Solar Stuff blog also! Are you in the solar field?

  3. […] more here: Bell Solar Panel Technology &#959f th&#1077 1950′s Share and […]

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