Mid-Century Palm Springs Homes – Vista Las Palmas

January 13, 2011

One Response to “Mid-Century Palm Springs Homes – Vista Las Palmas”

  1. aunt Suzie & Comadre Nydia said

    Hola David: I am at my comadre Nydia’s house in South Laguna Beach–beautiful afternoon. Her front door is a Dutch door/ the top half is open ande we have a gorgeous view of the pacific ocean! Nydia and I met when we were University Students in Mexico City, 1974! We are hermanas/ her husband Manuel is an artist–and they have a lovely casita with views of the ocean. Beautiful Mexican/ and eclectic decor—If you and
    Dani have time in April–Nydia would love to have you over.

    Both Nydia and I love these houses on your blog. This is my very first time on a blog!

    love you, Aunt Suzie

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