Great Early 1960’s Women’s Fashion Editorial

January 22, 2010

Great women’s fashion editorial from the early 1960’s. I love the clean lighting and simple composition of the large flowers and the models. It reminds me of the early fashion photographs by Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. I wish I knew who the photographer was.

Great old Christian Dior stockings ad. I love the illustration!

4 Responses to “Great Early 1960’s Women’s Fashion Editorial”

  1. tio lipe said

    is all about the hairstyle.

  2. giiid said

    This might be of interest for you; a collection of catalogs from the first postorder firm in Denmark, it opened 100 years ago. It is closed now, but all the catalogs have been copied and saved at the Royal Danish Library, and are available at the internet.

  3. giiid said

    P.S. Maybe I should point out, that it is possible to see ALL of the pages in each catalog, not only the frontpage. It´s done by clicking again at the same frontpage photo, when it shows up. The name of the firm was “Daels Varehus”.

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