1950’s Space Phaser Cap Gun Toy

October 13, 2009

This space phaser cap gun toy from the 1950’s is sweet!



3 Responses to “1950’s Space Phaser Cap Gun Toy”

  1. beth said

    Ok, so here’s how my day yesterday went. I bought a ray gun online, I blogged about buying a ray gun online, I made the rounds of blogs I visit regularly and read about YOUR ray gun. If you lived on the west coast, I’d say we’d be in for a ray gun war. As I believe you’re on the east coast, I guess we can come to terms that this country is big enough for TWO ray guns. But watch your step. 🙂

    • stephen c said

      beth… thanks to the photo above, and your comment, i just found out what i had picked up at a junk shop years ago is infact this very same ray gun (except mine has a rond cage for the caps). I live on the east coast… Wash DC…. so……. im in for a ray gun battle 🙂

      I feel its my duty, a calling, if you will.,… it didnt fall into these hands for nothing. it found me and wants to use me.

      . run…hide…

  2. i’m old fashion… still looking for a ray-knife (guess that would be a… light saber… cutless?)

    a light saber switchblade would be awesome as hell.

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