The Brooklyn Bicycle – 1962 Dunelt English 3 Speed

September 12, 2009

I purchased this 1962 Dunelt English 3 Speed back in April after a trip to Amsterdam. I’ve been meaning to post about it for months now. So here she is!




Awesome old Wright's saddle - this company was purchased by Brooks a few years later.

Awesome old Wright's saddle - this company was purchased by Brooks a few years later.

Sturmey Archer rear hub with the '62 date

Sturmey Archer rear hub with the '62 date

Sturmey Archer 3 speed shifter

Sturmey Archer 3 speed shifter

Made in England

Made in England






33 Responses to “The Brooklyn Bicycle – 1962 Dunelt English 3 Speed”

  1. giiid said

    Congratulations! You are looking great together 🙂 I´m sure, that even Copenhagen is crowded with cyclists, there is not a couple just as elegant!

    What about taking a designers look at our cyclists (rain)clothes, and fresh it up…I think there will be buyers.

    • Hey thanks Giid!

      I’ve been meaning to post these for a while now. I’d still like to get over to Copenhagen. Stylish bike clothing is definitely a great idea with a huge market!


      • Charles Ward said

        If this or any other red Dunelt 3-speed for sale, I will pay up to $1,000.

      • M. HALLETT JONES said


      • stephen l dewitt said

        charles i have a beautiful blue dunelt and would like to sell call any time if interested 1-646-235-7478

      • Stevo said

        I have something that any Vintage Bicycle Collector, would LOVE to get their hands on! It’s so RARE that I’ve spent weeks researching, and have virtually NO info about it! So, if anybody knows anything about this bike, PLEASE let me know! It’s a DUNELT 10 Speed! Green in color, Benelux Gears, and is Shimano equipped. From what I understand, it is very possibly one of the 1st Racing bikes! If you would like to see pictures, have ANY info, or are interested….email me at or call/text me at 801-388-9868

  2. JENNY said

    oh my goodness. you + bicycle = cuteness.

  3. lee said

    I have a black Dunelt for sale please contact if you are still interested.

  4. Rob said

    I have two DUNELT bikes I would like to sell. One is a black mens 3 speed. The other is a blue womans 3 speed. Both fair condition, need work. Looking to sell within a week. Bikes are in Brooklyn.

  5. David said

    I have a gorgeous, ladies, three speed in New Orleans. Black, all original, one owner besides myself. Email for photos of this beauty which is for sale and would make your girlfriend smile for ever. dhknola@gmail.cohm sans the h, damn web bot trolling to sell me garbage I dont want nor need.

  6. gary said

    i have a black one for sale in great shape let me know thanks

  7. Leslie said

    I have a Dunelt three speed identical to the one pictured. All original.
    I am willing to sell it.

  8. Keith Thompson said

    I also have a men’s black 3 speed Dunelt for sale which I think it in very good shape for a bike of its age. Frame has a few scratches, but no dents or rust on frame. Location Bucks Co. PA

  9. Neil said

    Still looking for a men’s Dunelt 3 speed.
    August 25, 2010

  10. kathi said

    Hi, From Fl. We have a 1950’s Dunelt, black 3 speed. It’s used frequently. We are empty nesters now and no longer have the room to keep it. If anyone is interested, please respond.

    • Carlossee' said

      Hi Kathi- My name is Carlossee’. I saw your advert for the Dunelt. Please send photos of the bike to me at my address. Also, how much are you asking and does the bicycle need work? Thanks.

  11. Chris Lee said

    Hi I have a mens 3 speed bicycle Make is Royal made in england on rear hub is sturmey archer 62 can anyone tell me more and how much it might be worth thanks Chris

  12. Heath said

    Those are great photos, and its been fun looking through this blog. I have this same red Dunelt bike in the women’s model, but with a tan/white brooks saddle and a little more metallic sparkle in the paint I think. I was planning on selling it in the spring, but if anyone is interested, feel free to respond.

    • Kim J. said

      I also have a bike that sounds like the one you are selling. I’m wondering if yours has sold yet and what price you sold it at. I
      need to sell mine as well.

      Thank-you, Kim

  13. joey r said

    i just came into possesion of a red dunelt bike like this one in fair to good shape it can b riddin but needes some restoring to look like the one in the picture it has a two colored seat white and red and a plastic type punmp may b all original worht checking out does not have head light must see

  14. mary packard said

    i purchased
    a red dunelt mans bycycle with all the extras a generator head light tail light,book rack great shape i am looking to sell this bike if anyones interestad. contact me at teddy1971bear at

  15. Dave said

    I have a 1963 dunelt 3 speed black bicycle that was purchased by me. I feel it is in very good shape for being 48 years old , i have the receipt when i bought it in brockton mass. However the 3 speed has a problem shifting so i am looking for an axle for this bike. It is a sturmey archer 63 3 speed. Thank you dave

  16. i just bought a rusty old gold ladies dunelt from a ukrainian dude who lives in wburg (i live in greenpoint)… yours looks amazing… in great condition. especially compared to mine. haha. I mean the paint job on mine.. i wish i could restore it. oh well… it rides so smooth!!

  17. Colleen McLaren said

    I own a late 1930’s Dunelt Birmingham 3-speed. It needs new tires and a new seat, but it is in excellent condition. If anyone is interested. Please leave a post and let me know. Thanks

  18. brandon godin said

    i have a 1962 dunelt 3 speed ,asking 1500 very good shape ,or best offer they usulayy go for 2000,3000 kickstand and all. any one interested plz contact me on facebook ,or email me,facebook is brandon jeffrey godin .

  19. linda sutton said

    I own a dunelt 3 speed black in good condition /sturdy archer control if interested will sell very reasonably. i live in Farwell, Mi. call (989)588-4508. I also own a Ramsey 3 speed , both are made in England

  20. First nice bicycle, a present from Santa in @1960: Dunelt 3-speed. While riding on my street, Stratford Rd in Port Washington that same year, I skidded in sand and fell on chin. 7 stitches.

    I googled Dunelt and lo and behold, this one came up from Port Washington, from 1962.
    Label in photo of bike shows shop as:
    Different Shop, 133A Main Street, Port Washington, NY

  21. I have a set of black Dunelt bikes (one men’s and one women’s). I am in Rosemount, MN. Please email if interested:

  22. For Christmas 1960, I got a shiny black Dunelt 3 speed. I was 7, and lived in Port Washington. It’s a wonderful memory to see the “Different Shop” decal (Port Washington) !

    • Neil said

      I have a black Dunelt men’s 3 speed with an extra large frame. It allows me to have a better leg length. For me, the frame feels stronger than the regular frame. My inseam is only 31 inches but I like the extra large frame size better than the normal size frame. There’s something about the way the Dunelt is geared that makes its momentum more fluid than any other 3 speed I’ve ever had. My Raleigh Superbe with the extra large frame has a front generator hub with cuts back generator friction, but the Dunelt is still my favorite.

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