1950’s Royal Crown Cola Cooler

September 10, 2009

This 1950’s Royal Crown Cooler is really cool. I love the colors and the fonts especially. It even has a built in bottle opener on the side.












6 Responses to “1950’s Royal Crown Cola Cooler”

  1. chelsey said

    do yall sell these or know a place that does sell them?

  2. harold said

    i have one in good shape for sell make offer.

  3. chris said

    I have one. Make an offer

  4. Lonny said

    I am looking to purchase a royal crown cooler from the 50’s. Do you still have one for sale? If not, do you know where I can find one for sale? Thanks.

  5. John Wilkerson said

    can anyone tell me the value of thes coolers?

  6. Jennifer King said

    I have one! I’m selling it for $250. I would not want to ship it, though, because it is so heavy (unless you pay postage, too). Contact: Jenny at: jenjen1959@bellsouth.net or call me in South Carolina at (864) 345-2600

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