Kuba Tango Stereo Console – 1959 – 1962

September 7, 2009

This stereo console made by the German company Kuba is too good for words. The styling is amazing. This “Tango” console was made sometime between 1959 – 1962.








Another great Kuba console:


Kuba Komet

Kuba Komet

Arkay "Fantasia"

Arkay "Fantasia"



5 Responses to “Kuba Tango Stereo Console – 1959 – 1962”

  1. jose gualdron said

    buenas tardes tengo una consola kuba8 parecida sin el teclado no prende por favor tienen planos o algo de la parte electrica del radio, espero su ayuda gracias

  2. Seth said

    Gracias! I needed a photo of the Tango. I borrowed from its design in making a guitar amplifier tube head with the top as the tube cage and the bottom as the chassis. I used maple and flocked screen so the top was ventilated for cooling. The bottom chassis was wood over a metal (steel) chassis. Naturally it is scaled down in size. My photo of it was erased after I sold the amp. Great late 50s design elements at work here. Since the amp was essentially 50s design inside why not outside too? The Komet is far out cool, but a bit too far out for an adaptation (YET)!

  3. I’m selling my 1959 Kuba Tango Stereo Console (like the one on top) if you or anyone you know might be interested, feel free to email me for details…in the Minneapolis area…thanks! posted 9/15/10


  4. ken said

    Jeff I want it! how much?

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