The Gun Club Hat by Stetson – 1950’s

September 3, 2009

This awesome hat is called the Gun Club hat and was made by Stetson in the 1950’s. The lining is my favorite with the flying ducks. This hat is made from beaver felt.









4 Responses to “The Gun Club Hat by Stetson – 1950’s”

  1. i can appreciate how awesome this hat is (style, and especially the colors), but these days it is really hard to wear a hat like this and look good.

  2. Marie said

    I just found one of these hats in a home I’m flipping where the gentleman that lived there hadn’t beed up the stairs in at least 38 years when his mother died….It is in inpecable condition and was in the origonal box.. absolutly amazing..

  3. roy cox said

    I’ve just received my gun club hat; complete with feather and gun. I’m glad to find some info and that it fits my 7 1/2 mellon head. Turned the front brim up and will channel Rocky to fit a south philly attitude. Yo! Go Phils.

  4. Ray said

    My grandma gave me my grandfather’s gun club hat. It’s a little small but I love it and will keep it forever.

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