Strato Rocket Bank – 1950’s

September 1, 2009

This awesome bank was given away as a promotional item by banks in the 1950’s. There is a spring loaded mechanism that launches the coin from the spaceship into the moon.








10 Responses to “Strato Rocket Bank – 1950’s”

  1. juddie said

    Oh my! I’ve only just discovered your blog …. it’s fabulous!

    I’m really looking forward to exploring more soon…

  2. dinesh said

    This is too great! mind blowing; I wish I’ve one of this kind.

  3. Chris said

    I have one of these banks. Have always loved it since childhood. Does anyone know what it would be valued at today?

    • Hey Chris,

      I’ve seen these selling from anywhere from $30-$180 on ebay. I think a lot of the value has to do with the bank decal. I’m sure some are more desirable than others. Also, if yours has the original key and lock bottom it’s a plus b/c most of the ones that are still around are missing those components.


  4. Cool site! Hey I.A. I’m a collector and dealer of vintage items, and have an extensive collection of these bank types. Anyone with any questions should contact me if they so desire at the link provided.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. kellie said

    I have a rocket strato bank. It was my father’s.

  6. lashaun said

    i have a friend who has one of these its got xu=232 and was advertising for the chillecothe state bank its in excellent condition on one side has ad label looks like just put on the one on other side is worn but have no key but has locking and says for dollars on one side

  7. These banks are historically significant American artifacts, and were made in Detroit U.S.A. during the early years of the Race For Space. Three model typess even commemorate the original Mercury astronauts! Read more on the About Us link on my website (click my name.)

  8. Max Frankfort said

    My grandma has one but it’s not in that good of shape

  9. Matt Cooper said

    I have one that is still on my dresser. My father gave it to me.

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