Dizzy Gillespie – “Salt Peanuts” – 1947

August 31, 2009

Joe Harris is on skins.

4 Responses to “Dizzy Gillespie – “Salt Peanuts” – 1947”

  1. marn said

    Sweet. I saw Dizzy perform at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp here in Michigan in the summer of 1982 and he performed “Salt Peanuts.” Early intro to jazz for me, and a great memory.

    • Hi Marn,

      My name is Jennifer Phillips and I was also at BLFAC in 1982 when DG played Salt Peanuts. I was about 13 at the time and there on a full paid scholarship that I received based on an audition. That was truly a great memory for me and seeing Dizzy perform was the icing on the cake. Funny story is that we got to meet him afterwards. He auditioned my instrument case which was a rental from the school. Silly me thought that I would get in trouble, but turns out my band director was estactic about it,..hahha! He also kissed me on the cheek,..pretty big bragging rights for a then 13 year old! I’d be interested to know if you have any photos from that summer at BLFAC. I don’t have any but have such fond memories of that summer. My email address is jpjenjen@aol.com

  2. Rob said

    I first Heard Dizzy on an LP playing his infamous solo on The Champ. I was forever a Dizzy fan after that. I wonder when he started going to that bent trumpet that pointed towards the ceiling:

    Rare Trumpets

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