Buddy Lee – Selling Lee Denim from the 1920’s – Present Day

August 30, 2009

Buddy Lee was an advertising character developed in the 1920’s by Lee Jeans to promote their products. Check out early 1940’s railroad Buddy below, along with some rare promotional Buddys from the 1930’s and 1940’s. Railroad buddy is part of my Mother’s doll collection.











Some rare Buddy Lee dolls below:

buddy13lee_football7a copy

An extremely rare football Buddy Lee doll - 1940's

buddy lee

Ultra rare Dr. Pepper Buddy Lee - 1940's

buddy lee coca

Rare Coca-Cola Buddy Lee - 1940's

12 Responses to “Buddy Lee – Selling Lee Denim from the 1920’s – Present Day”

  1. stina said

    I am trying to figure out the buddy lee coca cola doll.. i have found a few things onlne, but i don’t know who is right and where i can find FACTS.. one collector said that the original Buddy Lee coca cola uniform had red stipes..I cannot find anything to back that up which leads me to believe it is false. I am also wondering if you know exactly WHEN coca cola buddy was produced…I have one and assume it is original since I found it in my grandmothers things and her brother worked for coca cola back in the day… but how can i be sure??

  2. BUDDY LEE KC said


  3. BUDDY LEE KC said


  4. jenn said

    my mother has a orignal coca cola buddy lee doll. it has the orignal clothes, and the boots are hand stitched. we are trying to find out roughly how much it would be worth. it is composition, and has some cracks on the face. we are thinking that it was made back in the late 40s or early 50s. she also has a coca cola santa, it is the sun bloom santa. its in perfect condition. if you could help us out i would be greatful.

    thank you for your time

    jenn potter

  5. Jan Rutherford said

    I’ve inherited a Buddy Lee doll but I can’t find anywhere(yet)that is wearing the clothes that this doll has on. It’s a composite doll with the Lee on his back. His outfit is a denim jumpsuit with red collar, cuffs and attached belt. It also has rivet style buttons with LEE on them. Is this a genuine outfit for Buddy?


  6. amy said

    I have the Buddy Lee U.S Finance Corps cowboy doll with belt, cream bandana and black cowboy hat. the band around the hat is torn, but part of it reads “Ride em in Lee”. This doll was used for advertising, not produced as a toy. Wondering about its worth. Looking for more information on this piece.

  7. patrick corey said

    I have a hd lee doll I don’t have pics of it yet but can get some I haven’t found any one that can tell me anything about it nor have I found any more like the one i have its in a western shirt scarf and lee jeans if that much will help

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