Antique Beau Brummel Necktie 21-Feature Matchbook – 1940’s

August 2, 2009

I tried to do this as a marketing initiative for David Hart & Co. for Fall, but I couldn’t find a matchbook company that could do it for us. Gone are the days of great American made products like this 21 Feature Matchbook by the Lion Match Co. circa 1940’s



4 Responses to “Antique Beau Brummel Necktie 21-Feature Matchbook – 1940’s”

  1. 'Mr.Ray' said

    This is great! I love the ol’ Beau Brummel Neckwear I have quite a few that I have collected over the years.
    This would have been an amazing promotional item for sure if you would have been able to produce it for your collection. I find it sad that even if you have the money to get things built there are not many who can do it anymore…


  2. analiebe said

    this matchbook is so wonderful…

    such a shame you can’t find someone to do them for you… just another example of how our modern world places a ‘generic’ template on everything & discourages the unique & individual…
    but there MUST be someone…somewhere…

  3. I know…these are so cool! I’m just waiting for a matchbook manufacturer to see this post and leave a comment saying that they can do it!


  4. ms match said

    interesting things are learned from old even tho I live in Cincinnati I was not aware ole’ BB did, at one time, too.

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