Leading the Band – Majorettes of the 1940’s – 1960’s

July 28, 2009

I found these great vintage majorette photographs here.




















11 Responses to “Leading the Band – Majorettes of the 1940’s – 1960’s”

  1. […] photo found here […]

    • Carolyn Joyce said

      I’m not sure how to ask this question. Two sisters, (very pretty girls) who lived across the street from me, Gilmore St, Ottawa, were Ottawa Rough Rider Majorettes. I was very young, about 4 or 5 years old, and was taking baton lessons from Marjorie, who was the coach for the RR Majorettes. I was asked to lead the parade down Elgin Street after a big win. The only thing I remember was dropping my baton, crying, and being picked up by the then mayor, Charlotte Whitton. I sat with her for the rest of the parade in her car. Is there anyone out there who remembers this. I still have my baton. This was around 1961 or 1962. I have no pictures of this event, but would really appreciate confirmation of my memories.

      Carolyn (nee Scott)

  2. I was an Alouette majorette in 1960 and would love to find some old photos of the squad of that year. If you know of any please contact me. Thank you

  3. Valerie S. Raynor said

    I have a 1960 baton, that was my mothers , that has recently past. She was a majorette in the 60s. I would like to fix the lighted end of the baton, to keep as memorbilya.
    If anyone could let me know where i can get this fixed, it would be greatly apppreciated.
    Thank you, very much.

  4. Keith Reed said

    I am also looking for a replacement for the lighted mace. Our band is a military style band, and we continue to use this mace for our head majorette to lead the band. This lighted mace is a novelty in this day and age. Currently, we have one functioning baton, but would love to have at least one spare. I believe the baton was originally made by a company bought out by Sharp batons.

  5. joslin said

    these majorettes look scary:)

  6. Judy B. said

    Carolyn…funny, I took lessons from two sisters (Janet and Suzie Sauve) in the 60s but that was in NDG in Montreal. We were going to be majorettes for the NDG Maple Leafs. I was going to be the head majorette but unfortunately my family went away for the entire summer and so I had to drop out. I still have my baton and occasionally give it a twirl. They were good days !

  7. Donna Hearnshaw said

    I was a Majorette with the Alouettes for 1965 and 1966. I have an old photo and on the top of the page it says
    40/nouvelles Illustrees,13 aout 1966.I do not know what paper it was in and th photo is badly faded. Does anyone know where I could get another picture. My maiden name was Hawkins
    Thank You ,Donna

  8. Judith said

    Hello everybody,
    my name is judith and I’m studying social and cultural anthropology in Vienna, Austria. I’m now working on my diplomathesis in which I try to find out more about the history of majorette, when, where and how it developed. till now I couldn’t find books or articles about it…but there must be something. Maybe one of you know something about it, I would be very happy!!! thank you, judith

  9. Meredith said

    I’m looking for majorette boots for our homecoming being held in Aug. If anyone has any info on how to find a pair, I would appreciate it. Size 7

  10. Karen Cree said

    I was a Larkette (Majorette for the Montreal Alouettes) 1970-1972, we just had our 40 year reunion this past weekend…still looking for more of our sisters for next year’s party.

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