1926 Alligator Red Royal Portable Typewriter

July 14, 2009

This 1926 Royal typewriter is INCREDIBLE! I love the “Alligator Red” finish. I’m usually a bigger fan of the Olivetti machines, but this one is too pretty to pass up.







4 Responses to “1926 Alligator Red Royal Portable Typewriter”

  1. TJ Lee Williams said

    I have this very typewriter, but I need new ribbon. Do you know of a merchant online that I can purchase ribbon for it from?

  2. george komunicky said

    i do have an 1926 brown royal portable typewiter in pristine condition, e-mail me if you are interested in it it is for sale thanks

  3. rilee said

    i have this typewriter ande im searching the internet to find out how much its worth (its in good contition). do you know how much a 1926 aligator red royal typewriter is worth today?

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