Zenith Circle of Sound Record Player – 1965

June 6, 2009

I’m obsessed with this.








115 Responses to “Zenith Circle of Sound Record Player – 1965”

  1. Steve said

    I just bought a pair of these speakers on ebay for $20.00

  2. Chad in MN said

    I just came to possess one of these..it has a stand that goes with it. I am looking to sell the item.

    • Jennifer said

      I just found a very similar one in my attic today! It’s a 1968 Circle of Sound Phonograph with AM/FM Tuner. It works, but has no stand or original speakers. I’m trying to find out what it is worth.

    • Jan said

      Hey Chad,
      do you still have the stereo plus stand?

    • gw said

      I’m looking to purchase one of these units in good to excellent condition. Any serious sellers?? Preferably the z565 (without radio)

      • Steve Frans said

        I have a Z565 with stand in VG+ condition. works well, stand is a little warped but you do not need the stand! Let me know if anyone is serious about this unit!

      • Mollie said

        Steve, do you still have this unit? I have been looking for one for months.

      • I have one and Im very serious on selling works like a charm!!! I listen to it all the time just running out of room in my tiny condo

    • gw said

      chad.. do you have any pics of the zenith unit, and if so how much are you asking for the unit.


    • My cousin gave me one out of his garage that worked fine. I rewired the speakers with some beefier wire but one of the plugs broke off inside the receptacle. I now have the speakers (among others) hooked up to my 380 watt Pioneer receiver. They can handle the power and sound great for being from the sixties. Also of interest: the Zenith factory where this was manufactured used to be located in Springfield Mo. where my uncle lived but in 1991 they moved the majority of their production to Mexico and laid off 1,100 employees effectively cutting 75% of their annual labor costs.

  3. Dave said

    I have the speakers and stand. I just had work done on it and it is as good as new, or so they tell me. I wasn’t around in the 60s. I even have the original tag. I’m looking to sell it if anyone’s interested. Contact me davetastic562@gmail.com

  4. Jonathan said

    I grew up with this record player. I’d like to get an old one in good shape or to refurbish, but no luck yet.

  5. Jennifer said

    Johnathan, I still have the one I found in my attic. It needs speakers and a stand. Contact me if interested. jwes28@hotmail.com

  6. Dave said

    I still have this if anyone’s interested. It includes the stand, the speakers, and 2 new cartridges. I spent about $300 getting it refurbished last year and I’m willing to part with it for much less. I just put it up on craigslist also. I live in the L.A. area so if you do, pick up would be easiest. Let me know if you’re interested.


  7. Lexis said

    I am looking to purchase a Circle of Sound stereo if anyone is selling one please contact me. lexisk@yahoo.com and if you have pictures send them as well.

  8. Rachel said

    no clue if anyone is interested but I have the stand for the zenith console ( no clue what’s the model, got it yesterday and it’s still so dusty! but it’s the one with the am-fm tuner + record player ) it didn’t come with the speakers and quite frankly I don’t have space for the whole thing so i’ll just GIVE the stand, it’s in good shape minus the fact that it’s over 40 years old!

    i’m located in Ottawa..CANADA and am willing to meet you in the states to hand it over so you don’t have to cross the border 🙂 I love classic pieces and I don’t want to just trash the stand, I’ll keep it until I find someone who will appreciate it.

    by the way i am willing to TRADE my console + stand for another zenith model but it must be WORKING!

  9. harry said

    I have a zenith circle of sound record player ( on radio ) for sale ,it is in good shape .. it has the stand and to circle of sound speakers …if anyone is interested let me know ,,i can send some pictures of it thanks …

    • gw said

      Harry if you are serious about a sale ,,please leave contact information..would like to see photos if possible


    • ray neal said

      hi sir do u still have the unit….and if so what kind of condition is it in….also is it the model with the am fm tuner and phonograph???….also do you have the speakers and stand with it????

      • gw said

        The unit is still available for sale , excellent condition. If interested contact me at gwinnc@hotmail.com

      • Pat said

        I just picked up a circle of life system with radio/turntable and speakers.
        Speakers do work but one of the back connectors may need some work as sound barely comes out. Tested both speakers as they do work,so its the rear connection.
        Its in primo condition but turntable does need a needle and I am in the process of acquiring one…if interested email

  10. harry said

    wright to me at any time ..

  11. gw said

    If you are serious about a sale leave an email address for contact thanks

  12. I just picked up the speakers and now need the rest. did they make a phonograph/radio combo?
    Anyone have one for sale? I live in LA. Thanks a ton.

  13. gw said

    They are difficult to locate although I do see 1 occaisionally on craigslist. I have one w/o radio for sale that has been refurbished. I hooked up a tuner I had during my days of separates
    PS not all of the units without radio have aux inputs

  14. jay n said

    i just got one of these on ebay (sans speakers) and am looking for the stand… does anyone even have a picture of the stand? did someone have a stand they wanted to get rid of? i’d be glad to pay postage… i’m also looking for the original speakers!

  15. jay n said

    so do you guys know where to get needs, and more importantly, how to change the needles?

    • gw said

      to change the needle is simple..grasp the tonearm head with your left hand with the thumb and index fingers, with your right hand pull the needle selector knob off careful not to twist just pull straight under the knob you will see a tiny spring on the shaft of the needle be careful cause this could have been loaded in such a way that the spring will fly off and then you are screwed! Carefully examine the spring and how it is loaded notice if the spring is

      • gw said

        Under the detent of the needle shaft. Carefully remove the spring and gently push the shaft downward the needle shaft should slide through a hole in the cartridge. Now reverse the process to install a new needle.

  16. Rachel said

    So here’s my Circle of Sound. As said previously, I am looking to find the stand a good home as I don’t intend on getting the speakers ( well obviously if they fall from the sky I might take them ) but so far I am happy with my current speakers performance.

    the “slot” to drop the console in is about 16X25 inches, it also needs a hell of a good cleaning and maybe some varnish.

    I am located in CANADA but don’t mind crossing the border if that’s any easier for you ( either pickup or shipping )



  17. gw said

    Nice unit Rachel. Wanna trade (laugh,laugh). I’ve been hoping to find a unit with the radio for some time now. I’ve been using an outboard tuner from my separates days. Your stand for “J” will be too large. He has the unit w/o radio as I have. But with simple modification and handy with tools it can be worked to fit properly

  18. gw said

    I may be able to help you on the needle/cartridge replacement. I bought a few Zenith brand “new old stock” replacements a few months ago. I’ve looked into the available replacements online and was very disappointed in the quality

  19. Mark said

    hey GW…know where I can find any Circle of Sound unit to go with my speakers?
    Thanks alot.

  20. gw said

    which unit are u looking for, with or w/o radio?

  21. Gary said

    Hi, I’m looking for a zenith circle of sound record player with stand and speakers. Does anyone have one for sale?


  22. Mark Findler said

    Hey GW: At this point I’m looking for any configuration!!! Do you have one?
    Thanks a ton,

  23. gw said

    Is there anyone still looking for a stand for the zenith unit without radio. I have a lead on one. The owner wants $50 plus the shipping

  24. Mark said

    Hi all,
    so the pristine and complete (stand and speakers) Z565W that I bid on and won from ebay arrived today……broken beyond repair. The right front of the unit suffered great damage when something during shipping forced laterally against the legs causing them to separate from the unit taking a large chunk of wood with it:( Of all the things to not have packed with more care!
    That said, GW, anyone still have a unit to sell? I have the stand and two sets of speakers so anyone out there who wants to unload one please let me know.
    I’m in the Los Angeles area.
    Thanks alot everyone!
    I’m going to go and cry again now….

    • gw said

      find out if the seller had insurance on the package, take pictures and see if the seller will give you your money back. As he will get his money back thru the insurance claim.

      • Mark Findler said

        Thanks GW. He does have insurance and all of that is in the works. We are exploring options about how best it can be repaired, if at all.
        This thing literally came from a time capsule and was in pristine condition:(
        Keep you posted and thanks for your reply!

      • gw said

        Do not try and have it repaired unless you are prepared for more heartbreak. The unit is approximately 45 yrs old. No matter how pristine it looks, time can be quite a nemisis (to be polite). A good carpenter can make a new cabinet to attach the legs to, but the amplifier I’m sure suffered from the impact also. The amplifier chassis is hand wired and is mounted to the motorboard just under the turntable, the jacks for the speakers and aux
        inputs are mounted to the plastic bottom and hard wired to the amplifier. Electrically speaking the unit may no longer be sound. Without the original schematics it will be hard to trace any abnormalities.

        PS I remember that “time capsule” ad on eBay and decided at the last
        moment not to bid on it. If I remember correctly, the arm had a problem with the auto return.

        Write to me at gwinnc@hotmail.com

  25. Rachel said

    i will sell my unit and the stand ( http://s820.photobucket.com/albums/zz125/pinktoolbox/Zenith%20Circle%20of%20Sound/ )

    ive got nu clue how to pack this so it doesn’t cost you more than the unit itself in shipping fees but im willing to try 🙂 I am also willing to drive across the border with it and ship it from there or just for a US pickup. Let me know!


    • Mark Findler said

      Thanks Rachel. I really appreciate your offer however I have the model without the tuner.
      Why do you want to get rid of yours? It looks really nice. Just get some speakers for it. I just saw some speakers on ebay:)

      • Rachel said

        the thing is HUGE and I already have another record player. I love my zenith but with the stand it’s too big. It works A1, I’m not really looking forward to see it go but it takes up wayyyy too much space!

  26. Angie said

    I found one of these with the original stand in my parents basement and they want to get rid of it. Does anyone know what it is worth?

    • Angie said

      It has the speakers and it works. it does not have the radio. It looks exactly like the one in the pictures above.

  27. gw said

    Anyone looking to purchase a zenith circle of sound unit in excellent condition with new stylus without stand fully operational in fantastic condition

  28. Ryan said

    Where do I buy needles for my grandmother? She lives it but the lp needle is worn out.

  29. lita said

    I guess I’m joining the masses here but I am also looking for this unit with or with the stand but preferably without the tuner. If you have one you’re willing to part with please drop me a line.



  30. gw said

    For sale!!
    Zenith Z565 stereo unit with speakers for sale has been refurbed. New genuine Zenith cartridge and needle. Great sound, great condition. If interested please contact me at. gwinnc@hotmail.com

  31. VLG said

    Looking for the Circle of Sound speakers if anyone has a pair to spare

  32. chris said


  33. Mary said

    I have the entire record player stereo unit/stand speakers etc bought in 1968, but the wiring stopped working over time and the stand has one wheel that needs repair. We are original owners and have the record albums that came with it. Hummelstown Pennsylvania

  34. Michelle Long said

    Hi Mary-
    I was wondering if you still had the player for sale?

  35. John said

    I need a changer stabilizer arm for a 1968 Z590-2 Circle of Sound unit that I’m working on. Most other Zenith / philco arms from this era would work.

  36. Hey my mother gave one to me and I want to sell it my mother was the original owner. Works like a charm! Im selling it because I do not have enough room in my small condo!

  37. wdr217 said

    I’m 19 years old and i got one hooked up to 6 speakers including its original 2. The hookups on the back allow me to hook my dvd, playstation, ipod, etc up to it. I love that radio and wouldnt take anything for it. Tho i dont know what model it is. its identical to this one except it dont have the lightup dials and has a huge headphone jack below the volume dial.

    • Gw said

      You have the Zenith model Z590. This unit has the radio with headphone jack. It has a power output rating of 50 watts per channel. Nice unit! Be careful of overloading the amp with your “6” speakers which can over heat and overwork the amp. The unit is rated for speaker loads of 8 ohms, the more speakers you add will decrease your load value, anything below 6 ohms will cause instabiity and over time blow the amp or damage a speaker.

  38. wdr217 said

    Thanks! I’ve had it hooked up like this for about 3 years. i’d already decided to not hook more up to it for this reason, and that i was satisfied with the result. do you know what this radio is worth? everything works on it. it switches records right everytime. 45 converter works, all hookups work, knobs all there,no nicks or scratches etc etc..

    • Gw said

      A mint set, meaning no wear signs, turntable in pristine condition..not just working, but the silver rings on the platter mat shows little to no scratch marks. Cleaning of the controls is a no brainer.. So as far as worth really depends on the buyer. Consider that your unit went for 300.00 when new, to a collector might net you 6-7 hundred. It had better be exceptional

  39. Pat said

    Have a circle zenith,anyone interested??

  40. Pat said

    My B449W Circle O Sound is in near perfect cosmetic condition. Only problem is that one of the rear speakers connectors doesn’t produce sound,I checked the speakers and they both work well. The small turntable is in exceptional condition also but I need a needle,can anyone tell me where do i find one for this model?

  41. mitchi said

    i have a zenith circle of sound speakers and turn table if anyone is interested

  42. Dawn said

    I have a circle of sound with cart and everything, has the light up dials. Pick up only near Baton Rouge.

  43. paul said

    I am looking for the dust cover for the zenith circle of sound turntable which is identical to the one in the photo in this listing.

  44. Mike said

    I am interested in the speakers only if anyone has the set and willing to sell. mikestewart79@yahoo.com
    Mike Stewart

  45. vicki said

    This unit is so cool looking!

  46. wdr217 said

    Hey, I was on here couple months ago. I am looking to replace the needle on my zenith. Where and what type do i need for it?

  47. mitchi said

    I have the the record player just like the one above if anyone is interested.

  48. Wayne said

    Hi, if anyone has the stand they want to sell, let me know, thanks.

  49. Jesse said

    What is the 1965 Circle of Sound worth these days?

  50. Niv said

    Any needle/cartridge info needed…I got the system with am/fm and aux inputs……just need a new needle.Thanks

    • Zenithdude said

      The cartridge/ stylus assembly for the circle of sound units is 142-166. I would highly suggest you look at the VM turntable website. The Voice of Music company originally made all turntables for Zenith and others

  51. jeremy said

    i have one of these for sale if anyone is intrested in the s.c area. not to sure about shipping one of these so please be local or extremely serious jrichey26@gmail.com

  52. David said

    I’m looking for a circle of sound from someone willing to ship and that takes PayPal.

  53. Tami said

    I have a z590 zenith phpnpgraph with stereo and it is in perfect condition as well the speakers. It comes on a rolling stand and the speakers actually attach to the roll around stand. It is awesome and in very good condition and i would be willing to part with it. if there are any interested.

  54. Wayne said

    Hey all, I am still looking for one of these units, I bought one off here once, and it was supposed to be working, but it wasnt even close, if someone has a unit with or without the tuner, please email me, simmonsron25@yahoo.com, if you are looking for crazy money, dont waste either of our times, thanks.
    P.S. I don’t need the speakers.

  55. jlivers09 said

    I have this model, and i love it!

  56. Treasure said

    Hi everyone. I have an excellent condition Circle of Sound record player/stereo set in a console with speakers. Any serious buyers are welcome to contact me. Make an offer, pics available.

    • Chuck said

      Hello, very interested in your unit. I live in Illinois, any idea on your price and what shipping would run? Thanks for your time, Chuck

  57. Brian said

    Selling a Circle Of Sound Z565 record changer that needs power switch repair. No speakers,
    9.5/10 cosmetic condition.
    Toronto location. $120.00

  58. Mark said

    I have the stand/ speakers/ and record player w/o am/fm stereo. Perfect working condition. I am the second owner. Looking to sell. Contact me with an offer or for details/pictures at msmingle1@gmail.com

  59. just acquired a complete unit without stand today – seems to be model Y595W which is not a number anyone has referred to so not sure of the exacrt specs as I didnt know of these models at all until I got it home and found this page. It does not have tuner or aux inputs, but works fine, is not marked at all and was only $95. It’s for our new phonograph museum in vermont

  60. Marv said

    I just bought this complete unit (record player, two speakers, and the stand) today at a antique shop in metro St. Louis during my lunch hour… Get this – the price – 50 bucks plus tax!! Still has a stylus in it!! Can’t wait to get it home and hook it up… I was going to re-sale on Ebay – But I just may keep it a while (I love the lighted different color dials)…

  61. Brittni Erwin said

    I just bought this exact system at a yard sale for $5. It was missing the speakers, but has a stand. The needle will not stay in, but everything lights up and seems to work perfectly. I am interested in how much the unit is worth with the stand. Can anyone help me?

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