Steelcase Inc. Promotional Zippo Lighter – Early 1960’s

March 29, 2009

Steelcase Inc. advertisment from a 1963 issue of Forbes Magazine

Steelcase Inc. advertisement from a 1963 issue of Forbes Magazine (Image: Flickr)

Back when smoking was allowed (and encouraged) in the workplace, Steelcase Inc. released this promotional Zippo lighter to advertise it’s modern office furniture.  I love the original Zippo box and the artwork on the lighter is phenomenal!  I found this on Ebay.






4 Responses to “Steelcase Inc. Promotional Zippo Lighter – Early 1960’s”

  1. Jameson said

    Ah steelcase is so great! I just found the perfect steelcase chair on Seriously though, the chair is amazing. I get no more late day fatigue at all.

  2. Madona said

    Steelcase Inc is a good company, I bought some chair and a table of that , it was awesome.

  3. Petra said

    I am zippo collecting tanks..I do not know this model – Nice

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