The Nauga Monster – 1960’s

March 28, 2009

Ad from LIFE magazine - 1967 (Image:

"The Nauga is ugly, but his vinyl hide is beautiful" - Ad from LIFE magazine - 1967 (Image:

These amazing Naugahyde stuffed toys were made in the 1960’s & 1970’s to promote the hottest new trend in upholstery.  These fun little monsters have a cult following and have become very collectible.


Image: Ebay

The Nauga on Johnny Carson! (Image: Flickr)

The Nauga on Johnny Carson! (Image: Flickr)

Naugahyde had a great ad campaign!

Naugahyde had a great ad campaign!

Naugahyde also promoted easy clean-up!

Naugahyde also promoted easy clean-up!



3 Responses to “The Nauga Monster – 1960’s”

  1. […] נגואה היתה הקמע המפלצתי של ספות הפלסטיק של Naugahyde בשנות השישים. אגדה אורבנית סיפרה שהספות האלה בכלל לא מויניל אלא מנשל של חיה בשם זה, נגואה. בתמונה, נגואה עם ג’וני קרסון ובלונדינית אלמונית. פורסם על ידי אבי לבקוביץ בתאריך Monday, February 8, 2010, בשעה 18:30. בקטגוריות תמונות. עקוב אחר תגובות לפוסט זה באמצעות RSS לתגובות. ניתן להגיב על הפוסט או לשלוח טראקבק מהבלוג שלך. var blogurl=""; var needemail="1"; var nowurl="1034"; var md5 = "343c1ab6dbe1a9edad25abb1927d68c0"; […]

  2. […] Re: Kustom Charcoal 100 Tuck & Roll They are kind of like a PA amp. My bass player has one. He gets a good sound out of that and an English Muff'n. Not sure if they are worth the price. They have some quality control issues. I've heard stories about the original owner having a coke problem or gambling problem. Can't remember. BTW, what the fuck are those monsters in that ad? I had a nagahide stuff toy just like one of those when I was little. Never knew where it came from. *edit. I guess I was too young, but here. http://theinvisibleagent.wordpress.c…monster-1960s/ […]

  3. sarah said

    my cousin bryan bought a naughyde toy at church rummage sale for fifty cents.he mom made him give his naughyde monster toy away because she says it was ugly and he was upset because he like the when i was a little girl i promised i would take care of the toy that was his.when ever he visit our family at christmas or at parties he always asked about if we still have naughyde toy.we say yes .we have had so many guest come to my home and say what a neat toy.i won in high school a toy contest most unique toy got a gift certifcate.we have naughy the monster in our family 27 years well taken care cousin bryan says thank you for taking care of the toy.naughyde monster i have seen them gone up to one hundred fifty aunt jan says to this days it ugly.i says it so ugly it cute.the late night host johnny carson had three naughyde monsters.sarah king

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