Wonderful Woody Wagons

March 24, 2009


Ad for the 1939 Ford V-8 Woody Wagon

Image: Corbis

Image: Corbis

1946 Woody

1946 Woody

1948 Woody

1948 Woody

1948 Chevrolet Woody Wagon (Image: www.automotivehistoryonline.com)

1948 Chevrolet Woody Wagon (Image: http://www.automotivehistoryonline.com)

How many surfers can you fit in this Buick 8 door wagon?  (Image: www.rthimage.com)

How many surfers can you fit in this Buick 8 door wagon? (Image: http://www.rthimage.com)

1949 Dosoto Wagon (Image: Ebay)

1949 Dosoto Wagon (Image: Ebay)

1939 Ford (Image:www.lowerysautorestoration.com)

1939 Ford (Image:www.lowerysautorestoration.com)

1948 Plymouth Woody (Image: www.stationwagon.com)

1948 Plymouth Woody (Image: http://www.stationwagon.com)

1940 Packard Custom Wagon (Image: Corbis)

1940 Packard Custom Wagon (Image: Corbis)

1942 Ford Super DeLuxe wagon and other woodys (Image: Corbis)

1942 Ford Super DeLuxe wagon and other woodys (Image: Corbis)


7 Responses to “Wonderful Woody Wagons”

  1. What a wonderful posting David!
    I love these…I always wanted my parents to get one, but they hated all “station wagons”….even the cool ones. That Buick 8 Door is crazy!

  2. przt said

    Russian “Pobeda” car, 1945:

  3. yogi said

    whats the color of that 1948 ” woody wagon ” is that a california beige???

  4. yogi said

    the reason i ask is my son has a bike hes painting and i would like to suprise him by painting his bike that shade of brown or tan and i would like to no the color thank you

  5. Gerard Florendo said

    1949 Plymouth Woody – a very rare 2 door wagon –

    1949 PLYMOUTH WOODY – Rare 2 Door Wagon
    $19,995– obo and no trades please
    503 656-0798

    Made In USA – Classic & Collector woody wagon

    This is a great running turn~key driver ready for the beach trips or perfect for the surfers.

    All Original except for the – ( Padded Vinyl metal Top ) and the front doors do not have wood on them… The doors have the matching Champaign Color.

    The doors and all of the way back have the nice fresh looking and done Pablar Wood panels.
    The interior is the same matching Champaign Color.
    New brakes all around
    The fresh Flat Head 6-Cyl engine runs and drives great… Has the 2 exhaust pipes…
    No back seat.
    1949 body change.
    A Great investment for you…Some of these restored 1949 Plymouth woodie wagons are selling for $70,000–

    The stock picture is not this rare 2 door wagon.
    Pictures coming soon and on request…Serious players please…

    Please contact me at

  6. I stumbled across your site this evening while researching cars for my weekly Old Car Column. I found the images very interesting, but since I’m an old car expert of sorts, can’t let a mistake go uncorrected.

    Your picture with caption, “How many surfers can you fit in this Buick 8 door wagon? (Image: http://www.rthimage.com)is incorrect. That wagon is a 1940 LaSalle… the less expensive Cadillac alternative. I tried going to http://www.rthimages.com but the address was not working.

    I really enjoyed your site… particularly the old advertising!

    Keep up the good work.


    The FIN MAN

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