Stephen Hawking – 1965

March 12, 2009

It doesn’t get much better than this.

Sartorial all-star and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking with his first wife Jane - 1965

46 Responses to “Stephen Hawking – 1965”

  1. Bethany said

    arrrr!!! there such a cute couple

  2. ina said

    was that stephen hawking before he got als?!?!?! im doing a report on als, and it’s such a sad disease. seriously, most people die in a mean of 3-5 yrs. they DO make a cute couple, bethany!!!

    • Holly said

      in this photo he had the start of the disease which is why he has the cane. My Mom had this same disease. passed away 4 years after being diagnosed. It is a horrible disease. After seeing my Mom go thru it makes me feel I would rather have Alzheimers or die naturally in my sleep like my grandfather. I do not want to be a medical burden on my family. But when it comes right down to it, I do not have a choice.

      • nicola said

        holly my mum has this illness and i watch her deteriorate more everyday, she is wheelchair bound can not move any part of her body cant walk or even hold anything , she says she feels like a mummy in a tomb, its so upsetting and i jus dont no how i can cope with it, its the worst disease i have ever witnessed, do u no if theres anyfin i can do for her to help her?

  3. Mohamed Ali said

    I love every one related with Physics or Maths Robert einstain and Stephen hawking are the best .
    (sorry for bad English) .

  4. Ron Reinfort said

    I believe Hawking was diagnosed when he was 21, which means he was with ALS probably 3 years at the time the 1965 photograph was taken. Would he have developed such a fabulous mind if not for his ALS ? Tough question to answer but what a price to pay.

    • James said

      I think it is a disservice to Stephen Hawking to suggest that his genius is in some way connected with ALS. He has prevailed despite his disease, not the other way round.

  5. Brooke Vaden said

    I love stephen hawking. he is my favorite scientist. im doing a report on him for my astronomy class.

    they are so cute together!

  6. manish sharma said

    They look good together.
    stephen hawking. extraordinary mind !!!!!!!!!

  7. die eire von satan said

    mind is matter ….what is matter? nevermind

  8. madeira diarra said

    Je decouvre un genie qui me subjugue par sa modestie.En voila un avec quila science vole droit devant dans le vaste univers d atomes quile meuvent. toute mon admiration a Hawking

  9. Naushad Shafkat said

    This just shows what Man can achieve only if he has the Will to achieve it. We as humanity must bow our heads in humility. Dr. Hawking serves as a role model for all of us. The odds that he has overcome are probably 6 billion to 1 and he won. My personal salute to Dr, Hawking!

  10. Riad Hashim (Dadariinoo) said

    stephen is wonderfull scientist of the day I appreciat his talency givted mind regarding relativit in book “brief history of time”

  11. “black holes” theory is a goood theory.i appriciate you .you are my master piece.I have learned a great lesson from you.You are a great human,not human being. (human being) means, we, the normal poeple
    but human means more advanced than normal people.I love you,hawking.

  12. dhiyanes said

    the man said “i wil make god jobeless”is stephen.i like his hope & creativity

  13. Joyce B said

    He lets us all know the meaning of what is important. humbles us. Thank you

  14. erika said

    i have always admired stephen hawking. he is amazing, and this is my FAVORITE picture of him. i am such a nerd. i’ve done reports on him, but none of them were for a science class. i wrote about him for an english paper. you know who is else is pretty amazing? daniel tammet. he is an autistic savant and an epileptic and also has synesthesia. google him and check out his book, born on a blue day

  15. Dallen said

    y does he have a cane???????????

    • TrombonistDoctor said

      he has a cane because ALS does not instantly cripple you, he was finally told to use a wheelchair about 5-10 years after this picture’s year.

  16. Wendell said

    A evolução do planeta é feita de grandes mentes.

  17. he is my idol @.@. He’s such a great man. I can not believe that he can do such a lot of great things along with that awful disease.

  18. Mario said

    His “Brief History of Time” changed the way I see the life…

  19. putul biswas said

    What is life? Do we know? We all are human being,but not completely perfect men.

  20. Sessee said

    He looks like a pimp. Just look at his face. Pimp. He even has the cane.

    Stephen Hawking is a pimp.

  21. InnaMed said

    According to an interview with Hawking from mid 90’s, he used to be a school bully. But as the ALS progressed, his heart and mind took over where his brawn used to be. At this picture, it seems that his heart is working full time. They are such a lovely couple…

  22. lillian said

    You should read his book, Georges secret key to the universe… it is awesome.

  23. anand singh said

    hi i like him

  24. Tony D said

    A BRIEFER HISTORY IN TIME : Makes me wish i had turned right instead of left, and not wasted my education.

  25. Santillán Horacio said

    Podrá saber mucho de matemáticas y física y escribir mil libros sobre el big bang y agujeros negros, puede decir lo que quiera, igual jamas se podrán comprobar sus teorias, así cualquiera es un genio.
    Yo no soy graduado en física ni matemáticas, pero si quisiera podría escribir mil conjeturas acerca de la creación del universo.


    Santillán Horacio

  26. Santillán Horacio said

    You can tell a lot about math and physics and write a thousand books about the big bang and black holes, can say whatever you want, just never be able to check their theories, and everyone is a genius.
    I am a graduate in physics or mathematics, but if you wanted you could write a thousand conjectures about the universe’s creation.


  27. Brita said

    Wow, those two are gorgeous…thanks for sharing.

  28. Ben Dover said

    WOAH. he’s so cute. lol!!!! 😀

  29. anee said

    my mum was also a als patient within three years she passed away after was diagonosed by als .I am so surprised how stephen hawking is maintaining his health?

  30. Siddharth said

    Unarguably he is the best scientist alive… And he has achieved so much despite of his physical incapabilities, makes him even greater… Sometimes it sounds unbelievable to me.. Hats of to Mr Hawking.. Long Live Genius.

  31. Siddharth said

    Unarguably he is the best scientist alive… And he has achieved so much despite of his physical incapabilities, makes him even greater… Sometimes it sounds unbelievable to me.. Hats off to Mr Hawking.. Long Live Genius.

  32. raul said

    i know why this person be on that posicion,! because the scientifics don’ t believe in God.He uses to this person to demostrate to the world that the most important scientific can’t do anything to healthed by himself. needs God
    my testimony is thar i was to one step to die , i prayed to Him and he healed me.
    all the people need to read the bible and adore Him

  33. Alvaro Pompeia said

    I want to say to Señor Santillán Horacio something:
    1-In spanish he says not graduated. In English he says he is graduated in math or physics (Sic! this is the 1th time I see someone graduated in some OR another thing(lol). I am a math and economist. There are lots of cientists that after a lot of conjectures creates fabulous things. Lets see Thomas Edson who says that a genius consists of a one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent pespiration. He did more than 1000 patents. Ok he used his sister as a guinea pig for their inventions. Read some place he put fire in her hairs. Unfortunalely Hawking cann’t make real experiments about his thoughts. (Sorry my mistakes. English is not my native language).

  34. A. Friend said

    He looks like the guy from Glee

  35. TechHamza said


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