Antique Steiff Bears

March 9, 2009

Mr. Richard Steiff - Creator of the first stuffed toy bear (

Mr. Richard Steiff - Designer and creator of the first stuffed toy bear (

The Steiff Company was founded in Germany in the year 1880.  Steiff began creating the first hand made bears in the early 1900’s.  The original stuffed bear was designed by Richard Steiff in 1902.   The Steiff company remains in business today and still produces incredible stuffed toys.  Below are some great antique examples that I found on Ebay and Google Images.






Early Steiff ear button

5 Responses to “Antique Steiff Bears”

  1. Laura said

    This is so funny…I have a very clear memory of being about eight years old and going to an estate sale in Orange County. My mom, grandma and I were sitting on the bed in a guest room and I began playing with the teddy bear on the bed. Suddenly, a very dapper man (he was running the sale I assume) came running in shouting “Please do not play with the Steiff!”

  2. roseofbohemia said

    Oh, I LOVE this post! I collect Steiffs (although I haven’t acquired any new ones in years).

  3. awwwwww, these ole ones gimme goose bumps

  4. SKM said

    Hello ~ You may be interested to learn the first 2 teddies pictured are not Steiff.

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