Kit-Cat Klock

February 20, 2009

The original Kit-Cat Klock has been manufactured in the USA ever since it’s creation in the mid 1930’s.  The clock with moving eyes and a wagging tail was designed to help take people’s minds off of the depression.  Below is an example from the 1950’s that was up on Ebay a few weeks ago.





The new version of the clock is still made in the USA and now it features a bow tie!  It’s available on Kit-Cat’s official website.


2 Responses to “Kit-Cat Klock”

  1. Ashton Taylor said

    I think these clocks are great!
    completely different to an ordinary boring round things that hangs on your wall!

    I’d really love one … as i know it sounds wierd i have a kitten called Kitkat and he is also black and white 😀

  2. combinator said

    This clock gave me many nightmares as a kid and to this day. The eyes glowed as I recollect (this could be a false memory) and moved opposite the pendulum-tail.

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