1962 Austin Enterprises Chess Set

February 19, 2009

This amazing modernist/Eames Era chess set by Austin Enterprises from 1962 is swell!  I’m dying to find a set. This one is on Ebay.



The set also comes with a storage window and can be hung on the wall as part of your decor!

The set also comes with a storage window and can be hung on the wall as part of your decor!

Austin Enterprises 1962 is marked on each piece

Austin Enterprises 1962 is marked on each piece



86 Responses to “1962 Austin Enterprises Chess Set”

  1. jan said

    I bought this chess set in 1970-72. It has been hanging on my wall or in storage ever since and is in excellent condition. I still love it as much as ever. I’m not sure if I can part with it. Now, it’s become a colector item,… hmmmmm,…..

    • jan,

      I’m jealous! I hear stories. About people finding this set in thrift stores for next to nothing. I’m dying to find this set; they usually sell for around $800-1200 on ebay!


      • frank allman said

        I have one of these aluminum chess sets for sale. Let me know if you’re still interested.

        Spokane, WA

      • bud bergeron said

        i have a set in fabulous condition including the felt board…stamped Austin Enterprises 1966….I will entertain offers

      • David Neumann said

        Hell-o, Today is your lucky day. We have a set that is in perfect condition minus one pawn. Let me know soon if your are interested.

  2. Pamela Takahashi said

    I happen to have one of these chess sets in the original display box and am interested in selling it to the right person.Please contact me via my e-mail thugthelma@yahoo.com

  3. bud bergeron said

    I have a set in fabulous condition…plus the felt board…..I would entertain offers..

  4. Hugh Mullington said

    Do you still have your set and, if so, how much do you want for it?

    Hugh Mullington

  5. Bud Bergeron said

    I have the 1966 Model with the blue felt….set is in excellent shape and I am original owner….just started to investigate what it is worth and have not decided a price but have decided to sell as I need money quickly. I am open to offers and would give you a good buy if I don’t have to go through the process of selling it.

    Bud Bergeron

    • barry hanley said

      Dear Mr.Bergeron,
      I can remember when this chess set was first shown on the cover of the Alcoa magazine issued
      here in Australia I beleive in 1966.Dates me a bit I guess!However I have always wanted to own one but was never in a position to acquire the set. I imagine that you have already sold your set however I would appreciate an update on if you if that is the case. If you have not sold
      the set Please contact me on the above email.
      My regards to you —-Barry hanley

  6. Bud Bergeron said

    The set is for sale…I will entertain a best offer for the set…it is in original condition and I am the original purchaser when it was new….it is the 1966 version with the blue felt board…..original box, felt and chess pieces are in excellent condition.
    bud@budbergeron.com 949 786-9111 Irvine, CA

  7. Shannon said

    So I guess I am one of the lucky ones to have recently found this set in excellent condition at a Church rummage sale. They were asking $10 and I, not knowing what I was purchasing, offered $5…they let me have it for $7. It’s the 1962 model in excellent condition with the blue plexiglass display case and blue felt board.

  8. Kressa said

    I have this set on Ebay right now if you would like to bid. It has the blue felt board and is in excellent condition. Item number is 180435415972

  9. Hugh Mullington said

    I will look it up. Thank you alerting me.

  10. Hugh Mullington said

    Unfortunately your “heads up” only reached me this evening. However, I had already bid on and lost out on your set on eBay. I have been looking for this set for over forty years but didn’t know what it was called until this month.

    I hope that you are pleased with the price that it brought.


  11. Camille said

    Amazing set! I am looking to purchase – please reply if you have one and are interested in selling.

  12. frank allman said

    I still have my chess set for sale. If interested please call 509-533-9712

  13. Camille said

    Thanks for the reply – just lost out on a set on ebay. The set sold for $630. I guess pricing is all over the place for these sets.

  14. Barry said

    I have this set. 1962 Austin Enterprises, with the case and pieces complete. I will be putting this up for bid on ebay by the end of January 2010. I am interested in finding a good starting price, or I will entertain reasonable offers before listing

    • bud bergeron said

      I sold my 1966 complete set in excellent condition last month. I seriously needed the money and sold something I love dearly. I had alot of offers…I suggest that you list the set @ $2500.00 US and take bids on it….I took an early offer and sold the set for $1250.00 but in reality, there are so few of them, I could have received $2500.00 easy, but I had to pay my bills as I have been out of work for a very long time.

  15. frank allman said

    I know there’s a lot of interest in these. I’d like to get at least $1000 for my set. It’s marked 1964. Shipping with insurance is included within North America. 509-533-9712 Spokane, WA.

  16. Jon Aronson said

    Not only do I have the original set(1962), which was from my father, but I also have the original board which is rimmed in aluminum and with blue squares.


  17. Mickey Burns said

    I am interested in acquiring the accessory board that goes with the Austin aluminum set.

    • Aaron MacDonald said

      Hello all,
      I recently acquired the 1962 version of this set with the display case in great condition! Is anyone out there still looking for one or should I ebay this beautiful set?

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  19. Chris said

    I have this set. Austin Enterprises 1962 stamped on the bottom of each piece. Wood display case with blue Plexiglas cover plus the aluminum rimmed blue felt board. Everything is in excellent condition. This set was my fathers and was passed on to me. He was the original owner and it was pretty much on the shelf to look at,it was barely used. I am considering selling it and was trying to do some research and get some input as to how much I should ask for it. Please reply if you are interested.

  20. Anonymoose said

    My dear stepfather left me a set before leaving for Nicaragua when i was VERY young. Now a couple pieces are missing, the display case is broken and the felt board is stained. I remember him saying something about them being a collectors item; my value has been validated XD

  21. mykol said

    I own a 1962 set complete with box and blue plexi and am very interested in getting my hands on the matching board but have met with utter failure at every turn. If anyone is or knows anyone willing to part with said board please feel free to let me know.

    • Videlli said

      I personally think that a custom board would “match” better. see my post below for my suggestion and a reply regarding sets from “62.

  22. Videlli said

    I did a web search a few years back in attempt to find info on these with ZERO results. Glad to have tried again and found so many enthusiasts here ! Thank you for the original posting and all of the interest that you have generated. My set is the c. 1962 in the blue lens wooden display box, no felt board (which I only learned about here and now) After many years to reflect,I have determined that a frosted glass board with an aluminum edge frame and feet is the best possible style to show off the pieces. Any replies or inquiries welcome.

  23. derily bechthold said

    Hello! I am looking for a set – does anyone still have one available? Thank you!

    • Videlli said

      A set is on E-bay with 4 days left on auction. The price is at $325 and will certainly move up. If I wanted it, I would check until the last minute and only place a single bid if within a price I would pay. Good luck. I would consider reasonable offers on my set as it has been just sitting for years.

  24. c coyle said

    I have a 1962 set complete with blue plexiglass coversd display. I will take any offer over $800 C

  25. Edward Fluekiger said

    I have the 1962 set and the blue felt board. The set was hung on the wall and never played with (a real shame). The ONLY thing not making it like new is one tiny nick on the edge of the board where the aluminum wraps around and meets. A gentle buffing would remove, but I leave that to the buyer. I am a retired US Postal Inspector and want it to go to someone who appreciates it for what it is. My ebay name is imfluke so you can check my feedback. I want 2500 OBO. It goes to the highest bidder (cash or postal money orders only) on October 27, 2010. If my reserve is not met I will keep it. Ed the Fed

  26. Videlli said

    Another set on E-bay now. 1962 edition. Starting bid is $700 or “buy now” $950. As much as I like these sets, it still amazes me that they post for $500 to $1200 yet are still occasionally stumbled across for $25 or $50. Begs the question, why have they not been licensed and re-issued by say Dansk or Herman Miller ?

  27. dan said

    I have the 1962 set in perfect condition . If anybody interested e mail me.da

  28. Christy said


    I found the alcoa 1962 chess set on the vandm.com website, but I’m now looking for the blue felt board that was sold separately years later. Does anyone have one for purchase or know where I can find it? thanks so much for your help!


  29. Mod said

    We have another set w board! Just like the one we had above. Take a look at ebay search Austin Chess.

  30. Derek M. Borthwick said

    I live in L.A. and have the 1962 original Austin Enterprises Chess set complete. I have owned the set for 15 years. It is in perfect condition, except for a small chip, on the opening slot of the wooden box. Will sell for $2,500.00 cash or certified cashier’s check from Bank of America.

  31. jack camhe said

    I live in Florida and have the original 62 Austin Chess set and blue felt board. Perfect condition, except small wood chip at opening on box. Original owner since set was purchased in the mid-60’s at Bloomingdale’s in New York City. Will sell for $2000 or best reasonable offer.

  32. Donovan said

    I just found a partial set (all four bishops and one knight are missing) at a flea market this morning and paid $60. It is the 1962 set (no board) with box and cover. Does anyone else have an incomplete set, or individual pieces? Thanks!

    • Bill Wilkerson said

      Were you able to find missing pieces? If not I would be interested in one pawn in black which we lost during a move if you would like to sell

    • Videlli said

      Donovan. I think that you may do best by selling individual pieces to those who already have sets. With all 4 bishops missing,your set may never be completed. However, if the pieces you do have are in super clean condition, many “complete” sets could use a nice replacement or two for any imperfect ones. I think that you should be able to “part out” for a very handsome profit

    • Bill Wilkerson said

      Would you want to sell 1 of the black pawns?

  33. Bill Wilkerson said

    Does anyone have a black pawn figure from 1962 set.I need one black pawn.Thanks.

  34. Mary said

    I have the complete set with wooden case with blue plexiglass cover. Perfect condition. I am looking to sell. Please email with any offers.

    • Cat Chambers said

      My parents received this set as a wedding gift in 1966. It has since been lost after their divorce. Please advise your price? It’s a treasured childhood memory and I am now an art historian and would dearly love to have it. thank you!

  35. My 1962 Alcoa chess set is complete and is housed in the original wooden box with its blue plastic cover plate. The accompanying felt chess board with the aluminum surround is green instead of blue. I bought it as soon as it came out and would like to sell it. Any current interest?

  36. pinupbot said

    I have this set available.I have all of the pieces but not the board. I’m asking $1350 – this is for the pieces only. The set is in great condition and no pieces are missing. Beautiful chess set – all of the pieces are marked clearly: Austin Enterprises 1962 – I will consider any reasonable offers – shipping and insurance included. If you are truly interested, can list it on ebay for you to purchase. This is a very, very, very rare item. If you google Austin Enterprises, the first thing that comes up is this chess set – that is because it is so rare. Perfect for the individual who truly loves a collectible and rare chess set.

    pinupbot is my ebay id – you can also contact me at: pinupbot@gmail.com – or contact@pinupbot.com

  37. pinupbot said

    Hi, I have this set available.I have all of the pieces but not the board. I’m asking $1350 – this is for the pieces only. The set is in great condition and no pieces are missing. Beautiful chess set – all of the pieces are marked clearly: Austin Enterprises 1962 – I will consider any reasonable offers – shipping and insurance included. If you are truly interested, can list it on ebay for you to purchase. This is a very, very, very rare item. If you google Austin Enterprises, the first thing that comes up is this chess set – that is because it is so rare. Perfect for the individual who truly loves a collectible and rare chess set.

    pinupbot is my ebay id – you can also contact me at: pinupbot@gmail.com – or contact@pinupbot.com

  38. lisa glover said

    i have a 1962 austin enterprises chess set i am intrested in selling. it is in the original box with the blue plastic cover. i have played many a game on it. it is in good condition. please make an ofer.

  39. JOhn G. Osborn said

    I am a proud owner of the original set with the blue felt board. It’s in very good condition and Ihave no interest in selling. However, I don’t have the wood display case – mine broke during a move. I’d like to acquire one. Anyone have one they’d like to sell?


  40. S. Tait said

    I have a full set in great condition up for grabs to the most reasonable offer. Its the 1962 set with blue felt game board as well as wood display case with blue plexi glass. Some minor damage to display case.
    -S. Tait

  41. swlichen11 said


    Have this set selling on ebay, details are in the listing if anyone is interested.

  42. D.A. Lee said

    The Master of Modern Chess Sets Austin Cox. No one can touch his genius. Proud owner of his 1966 AE set. Bought in 1966 in San Francisco for 45 dollars.

  43. Walt said

    I want to complete my set I have a 1962 that needs a white pawn let me know if anyone that might be interested in parting with a few pieces

  44. jordan schwartz said

    any more sets available?

  45. Shannon said

    I also have one up for grabs. cloverstreet915@gmail.com

  46. roger graves said

    I have the set sir and I’m willing to sell u can call me 903 624 0583

  47. Videlli said

    For additional references and photos, I suggest visiting 1st Dibs website inputting “aluminum chess” into search (you will be required to register in order to view pricing information) I still have a nice set that I have held for over a decade now. It will take a generous offer for me to consider parting with it. Videlli
    (videlli63) at either Yahoo or Gmail

  48. Lee Whittier said

    I also have a set for sale if anyone would care to contact me it is priced to sell. My number is 917 657 1452.

    Lee Whittier

  49. lambdango said

    Lee, so you still have a set for sale? If so can you please email me – lambdango@gmail.com


  50. jeff said

    I have the 1962 chess set in the hanging box with blue cover if interested call or texed 317-480-0372 no low ballers I know what its worth

  51. Marc said

    I have a complete set in original wood display case. Chess pieces are perfect, never used. the display case has two small seperation cracks in the wood grain, but in great condition. will take offers…. dirtworm666@gmail.com

  52. Andrew Birney said

    I have this exact set if you are intrested please write back.

  53. Garrett said

    I have a 62′ set missing 1white pawn. The case is in less than perfect shape. I will not sell the pcs individually. Take what I have for a reasonable price. Text your offer to (304)-283-9158 or email to phrank2k2@yahoo.com

  54. Kevin said

    I have a 1962 set with original wood display case and blue front, missing the board but shoot me an offer if interested.

  55. Kevin Collins said

    I have a 62 set with original wood display case and the blue alumium board both are in mint condition. The board has never been played on and is still in orginal box. My e-mail is micromoves@yahoo.com if interested. No low ball offers, only willing to sell if the price is right. If your a collect then you understand how hard it is to find a set with the board and this one has never been played on… mint, mint, condition.

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