Antique Cut Throat Razors

February 14, 2009

I found all of these great antique cut throat razors on ebay.  I love the fonts and original cases on some of these.




I love the Army and Navy blade!

I love the Army and Navy blade!






4 Responses to “Antique Cut Throat Razors”

  1. Miss M Banbury said

    my enquiry is this… I have got an old cut throat razor.. it has a brass handle with the inscription C Timmy.. 1917. in the original box. i would be obliged of any information you may have on this aricle..


  2. Hello Miss M Banbury,

    I wish I had some more information on your razor for you. Unfortunately, I’m no expert on the subject; I just have an appreciation for these antiques! I would love to see a picture of your razor, I’m sure it’s beautiful.


  3. Terry Tatham said

    I have two cut throat razors, one well known: Cadman & Sons, Sheffield, England, a “Bengal” (which I think was my fathers and would place it roughly 90 years old. The other is a “Donnelly’s Special” by A. G. Donnelly, Burrowa, and is Solingen manufacture, and around 125 years old. I can find no reference to Mr Donnelly’s razors. It is a plain razor with “Donnelly’s Special” etched on the blade. Burrowa was a town in Victoria where my grandparents were farmers before the Great Depression. Have they any value?

  4. danielle said

    I have found a razor with its arigonal case do yu kno bout wat there rang price is

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