Antique Diving Suits

January 4, 2009

I found these incredible old photographs of antique diving suits and divers.










7 Responses to “Antique Diving Suits”

  1. OM said

    Sea monsters get all the hot girls!

  2. matt said

    i once saw a sketch of a diver with a bag over his head and a tube at the top. i think it was at epcot center. i’ve been looking everywhere for this photo or one that’s similar and can’t find it…

  3. […] New York City-based fashion designer David Hart’s blog, The Invisible Agent, is packed with amazing images!¬†¬†MadSilence previously posted about Hart’s Famous Robots from Popular Culture.¬† Now check out Hart’s incredible old photographs of antique diving suits and divers. […]

  4. John McGill said

    I have a diving knife encased in a big heavy brass sheath like the one in the 5th photo.It came from the Royal Navy Dockyard “HMS Malabar” in Bermuda where my father used to work in the machine shop.
    The knife handle is split due to corrosion of the metal shaft but otherwise in good condition.I wonder what it is worth?

  5. Singh said

    Hi,I was wondering if you had the dates from when these suits are from. They’re amazing pictures!
    Thanks very much!

  6. jean said

    My husband once wore one of those suits and I am writing a novel. I want to explain about his job but I need the name of the metal head.

    • jean said

      This is Jean – I am 84 years young and new to computor works – please forgive my errors. I was 26 yrs old when my husband was a diver and wore that metal head divers suit. Do you know the name of that metal head? It may not have a name.Jean

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