Ernest Borel Cocktail Watch

December 18, 2008

My newest watch obsession is this Ernest Borel Cocktail watch which was manufactured in the 1960’s.  The watch features two semi-transparent disks that when wound, rotate in opposite directions to create a dizzying kaleidoscope effect.  I also love the lugs, red hands, and the see-through case. 



The back shows the exposed movement

The back shows the exposed movement


15 Responses to “Ernest Borel Cocktail Watch”

  1. Burnadette said

    My grandmother is looking to purchase a Ernest Borel Watch (cocktail). She bought one in Switzerland while travelling in Europe years ago. It is not in the same condotion anymore so she needs to buy a new one over the internet because they dont sell them here in South Africa.

    Please contact me with some info if possible.
    Thank you.

    • Robert said

      I have a vintage Borel of this type. Not sure if I am going to let it go, was my mothers. Reply if you are still looking.

    • Steve Finks said

      I have a like new E. Borel cocktail watch, gold with black face and see through back, bought in 1965, has original box, worn very little.

    • Rachel said

      are you still looking I have a ernest Borel blue ladies watch if you are still looking

  2. sam bacco said

    I have a cocktail watch mine is different. It has a s.s. back not see threw and it says by stnchron 55 008 44 stamped on it. Can you explain or tell me what that means.

    sam bacco

  3. Rich Langmead said

    17 jewl blue band see through back kolidescope near mint

  4. Dana Cohen said

    I just dropped my mom’s 60’s vintage Borel coctail watch and broke the crystal …would like very much to replace whole watch. Anyone have one they could part with?

  5. Dana Cohen said

    Hi Sally,

    Where might I view the watches?


  6. Karen said

    I would very much like to buy an Ernest Borel cocktail watch like the one pictured above, does anyone know where I can find one?

  7. Sally said

    Hi, There is a link, just click my name.
    Sally /

  8. james hale said

    i have a 1960’s Ernest Borel cocktail watch it is 10k gold 17 jewels swiss patent it features two semi transparent discs which rotate…what is the value of this watch?

  9. Dee said

    I have a Borel 17 jewel skeleton back,but my entire
    face is black with the spinning center,it is on a 14kt gold band,I bought it at an Antique Show many years ago,I would like to know if this is one of a kind or not,and what is it worth today ?

    • windycitygal said

      Hi, Is the watch case also 14k, or just the band? Is it a ladie’s size or the larger gent’s model?
      In addition to the base metal models, Borel did make gold filled and also 14k gold watch cases for the Cocktails, from my understanding.
      Either way, I am jealous! Great find!

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