Space Age Sexism

December 10, 2008

Just to make it clear, The Invisible Agent does not condone sexism in any way, shape, or form; but these old ads from the 1950’s are too good to pass up.  Check them out for a look at advertising history.


Sexist Santa knows just what she wants for the Holidays

Sexist Santa knows just what she wants for the Holidays



9 Responses to “Space Age Sexism”

  1. Dani said

    I heard instead of leaving presents, Sexist Santa takes all women’s shoes and gets them pregnant.

    Also, he leaves a nasty note if the cookies are store bought.

  2. sinlugar said

    Well it seems sexism were just a little bit more open back in 50’s, because we still have a lot of it nowadays. But if you look at those advertisements with some humor they are great.

  3. John said

    The 1984 cover cracks me up… Wells’ artist even got the clothing right!

  4. jewjew said

    My wife asks for cookware for Christmas!? How is that sexist?!

    • JPeaslee said

      Asking for cookware isn’t sexist, but assuming that a woman will definitely want cookware is. And assuming that men won’t is also sexist.

  5. JPeaslee said

    Gotta love the way the guy is looking at his wife in the last one.

    “You disgust me…with those stockings…and those runs…what a trollop I’ve married.”

  6. Lou said

    Could anyone please please tell me where to locate 1950’s adverts? Or where were the ones on this site found? I need to find some for my final year college project asap, and they have to be from reliable sources. As in I need to know where they originated from exactly and when exactly etc. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
    (My project is based on the subjection of women in advertising)

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