Lenox Lounge

December 7, 2008

I had dinner this past Tuesday in Harlem with dandy about town Mr. Cator Sparks. After dinner at Melba’s and some great entertainment, we ended up at Lenox Lounge for cocktails. The Lenox Lounge which opened in Harlem in 1939 has played host to the most influential jazz legends like Billy Holiday & Coltrane. The zebra room and bar’s interior haven’t changed since the day it opened. You can see the streamline influence of designer Raymond Loewy.

Lenox Lounge - I love the old font styling from 1939

Lenox Lounge - I love the old font styling from 1939

One of my favorite details are the etched arch windows. You can see them in this picture of pianist John Hicks:

John Hicks

John Hicks

The zebra room features the infamous zebra wallpaper which caused tension with the club El Morocco. The zebra wallpaper had become so associated with the club El Morocco, that when a similar zebra pattern was used at Lenox Lounge, the owners at El Morocco sued them.



The floor has a great Moroccan tile pattern


The frosted glass fins on the lights are really cool

The Lenox Lounge
228 Lenox Avenue


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