CBS – Home of Great Hosts

October 28, 2008

The Columbia Broadcasting System has not only produced great programing during it’s long and illustrious history, it also has produced some great hosts. Two of my favorites are Edward R. Murrow and Rod Serling. Not only were these guys impeccably dressed chain-smokers, they were also brilliant in their fields. Mr. Murrow, who criticized the Red Scare and helped bring about the political downfall of Senator McCarthy, began his career with CBS in 1950 on “The CBS Evening News” and soon after appeared on various programing including: “See it Now” & “Person to Person”. I love these photographs of Mr. Murrow below, especially the old microphones and television screens in the background.

Check out the old microphone

The old camera and broadcast room is incredible!

Rod Serling, was the creator, host, and also a writer for CBS’ hit series “The Twilight Zone”. Serling used the show to express his progressive social views veiled with a touch of Science Fiction. Mr. Serling, a U.S. Army paratrooper in World War II was wounded in combat and awarded the Purple Heart along with a Bronze Star. He suffered terribly from flashbacks and war time nightmares and these were a driving force behind his writing. I have always loved Mr. Serlings aesthetic: trim and clean blazer, white oxford, skinny tie, and a cigarette…

Rod with his typewriter

One the original 1950's wool sharkskin suits


2 Responses to “CBS – Home of Great Hosts”

  1. Dani said

    Very interesting post on two iconic and yet often overlooked style icons…..makes me want to watch “Good Night and Good Luck” again….or return to the 5th dimension….

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